TrustServista finds fake news in matter of minutes and sends alerts when it becomes trending on Facebook

Our new TrustServista mechanism of detecting clickbait-style fake news in just a couple of minutes after publishing and then alerting when the articles become trending on Facebook has produced some interesting results in the past weeks.

A recent example is the article published by on Nov 9 2017 titled DID YOU KNOW THAT THE ENERGY DRINKS ARE MADE WITH SEMEN AND BULL URINE?

The post, published by the anonymous WordPress-based website already has more than 23,000 Facebook engagements. However, it was detected by TrustServista as being an article with only 10% trustworthiness as soon as it was found and then detected as being trending one day after it was published, when it has already reached close to 9000 Facebook engagements.

This article is currently still trending on Facebook, bypassing the automated fake news detection algorithms put it place by the social media giant.

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