TrustServista Extension: Verify any news article with one click, directly from your Chrome browser!

We just launched a user-friendly TrustServista Chrome extension that allows verifying online news article in a very simple way. And it’s FREE!

The extension is designed for end-user that want a simple and easy-to-use way to automatically verify the trustworthiness of online news. However, most of the features and functionality of the TrustServista Web Dashboard is still available for the extension!

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TrustServista is a unique AI-powered tool for verifying the trustworthiness of online news articles. Using advanced Text Analytics, Semantic Comparison and Graph Analytics algorithms, TrustServista can automatically determine the trustworthy of any news webpage, in seconds.

★ Content Quality Score
Each article is automatically analyzed and scored based on its content quality. The metrics included in this score are: Context Setting (amount of factual information contained in the article), Sentiment Polarity (negative, neutral, positive), Source Veracity (known publisher, named author) and the Probability of the article being “Clickbait”.

★ Article Graph and Patient Zero
All the hyperlinks, references and previously published similar articles are extracted from the analyzed web page, providing the user with a visually-rich Article Graph that trace all the source of information used by the author. Patient Zero, the primary source of information, is also determined, as a measure of information source trustworthiness.

★ Metadata Extraction
Relevant metadata is extracted automatically from each processed article: title, author, publish data, publisher.

★ Automatic Summarization
The article’s content is extracted and summarized automatically using Natural Language Processing algorithms, making it easier to grasp the story in just seconds.

★ Named Entity Extraction
Named entities are extracted automatically from the article: person names, titles, locations, date and time references, currencies, organization names, religions and more.

The TrustServista extension is free to use on a 300 verified articles per month limit and only for English-language content. You can upgrade to our Premium package that includes 3000 verified articles for only $2.99/month.

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