TrustServista API

TrustServista can be easily integrated with any 3rd party software platform using its REST APIs.

Current API capabilities include:

  • Meta-Data extraction: for any given URL, TrustServista will extract its readable content, title, publish date, sentiment, TrustLevel, Patient Zero and summary.
  • Patient Zero: determine the origin of information for a given URL
  • TrustLevel: compute the trustworthiness score for a given URL
  • Sumary: automatically generate a summary from a given URL
  • Entities: extract named entities (people, places, organizations,…) from a given URL
  • Sentiment: generate the sentiment (positive, neutral, negative) for a given URL
  • Text: extract the readable content (title, article body) for a given URL

Upcoming API capabilities

  • Relationships: generate the relationships (links, references, similarity) for a given URL
  • Similarity: compute the similarity between the readable content of two URLs
  • Multi-language Support
  • Search our entire database

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