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Key Capabilities

TrustServista uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to shorten investigation times for media professionals.

Trustworthiness Algorithm

TrustServista determines the trustworthiness of news articles using Artificial Intelligence. The trustworthiness score takes in account the article’s content, and also what sources it references back to, as well as which information it used and from where that information originated.

News Content Lifecycle Coverage

TrustServista is designed for media professionals, content distribution channels and news readers alike. By covering the full news content lifecycle, from creation to consumption, TrustServista can be used to tackle misinformation and fake news propagation in a more efficient way.

Route to “Patient Zero”

TrustServista can find the original source of information used to create news content, by intelligently following implicit or explicit references combined with its unique semantic algorithm. "Patient Zero" is where a story originated: social media or blog posts, website pages or news outlets.

Easy-to-Integrate SaaS Model

TrustServista is delivered as Sofware as a Service (SaaS) making it easy to adopt and use. It also offers REST APIs for integration into 3rd party software systems, such as newsroom technologies, social media platforms or customer-centric widgets and web browser add-ons.

TrustServista API

The TrustServista API enables developers to integrate our powerful news verification and analysis algorithms into any software platform.

Submit any URL or raw text and retrieve structured information and trustworthiness metrics, such as TrustLevel and Patient Zero. Discover article links and relationships, similar content and get access to statistics and social media performance metrics.


Get started with free evaluation plans or request pricing for the TrustServista Web Dashboard, Chrome Extension or REST API.

Web Dashboard Trial

Free 10 days
  • Includes Chrome Extension access
  • English language data profile
  • Unlimited URLs verification & analysis
  • Extensive News Search capabilities
  • REST API access

Web Dashboard Plans

  • Designed for Newsrooms
  • Multiple data profiles available
  • Unlimited URLs verification & analysis
  • Extensive News Search capabilities
  • REST API access


  • Starting at 10,000 API calls/month
  • Multiple data profiles available
  • Content verification API endpoints
  • Text Analysis API endpoints
  • News Analytics API endpoints

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrustServista?

TrustServista is a unique software platform that can determine the origin and trustworthiness of online news stories.

Who is it for?

TrustServista is designed to be used by content producers (news agencies, media professionals), content distributors (social media platforms, content aggregators) and content consumers (readers).

Who builds TrustServista?

TrustServista is built by Zetta Cloud a software company specialized in intelligent data analytics and digital news technologies.

What does “TrustServista” mean?

"Servista" means servant or butler in Esperanto. TrustServista automatically delivers pre-processed news content to you, just like a butler.

What languages does it support?

TrustServista mainly works for English and German content, but has various API endpoints that also support Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.

Is TrustServista free?

You can register for a free 10 days account here. Check out what subscriptions are commercially available here.