TrustServista 2.0 is here! A new search-oriented Web Dashboard, Content Categorization, a Chrome Extension and more.

We’re happy to announce that TrustServista 2.0 has been finally released today! Incorporating the feedback we collected for more than 1 year since our prototype launch in 2017, from almost 400 beta-testers, and customers  the new TrustServista 2.0 establishes itself as a platform that addresses both B2B and B2C channels.

What’s new in TrustServista 2.0

A brand new Web Dashboard

Our web user interface has been redesigned to address news analytics and verification scenarios more effective. The main dashboard is now built around a complex search functionality that allows filtering results by content quality score, sentiment, clickbait probability and language.

Each user profile gets its own custom widgets, including Today’s Top Stories (automatically generated story “clusters”) and Today’s Top Publications (the publications that generated most content).

Search results come with a Statistics Region, displaying relevant statistics regarding the search results, such as Language, Content Quality or Sentiment Distribution, the top extracted keywords and more.

User Profiles

Already introduced in our recent Multi-tenant SaaS product upgrade, profiles allow users to narrow down the data pool they have access to, plug-in their own databases and use a custom set of configuration settings, such as the use of automated translation.

Content Categorization

Each article processed by TrustServista is now automatically categorized using both the IAB v2 and IPTC Newscodes content taxonomies. The content categorization will further improve TrustServista’s search capabilities and the Content Quality Scoring, by helping to disambiguate the sentiment metric.

Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome Extension will allow end users to verify any article with one click, directly from the web browser. This B2C feature will open our platform for mass use and will ensure that the New Content Creation lifecycle – creators, distributor, consumers – is fully covered by TrustServista’s components: Web Dashboard, REST API and Chrome Extension.

Premium Features

A set of premium features has been introduced in order to allow the processing of multiple content types and expand TrustServista’s verification capabilities:

  • Automated Translation, powered by SDLGov. Non-English content can now be processed by translating it automatically using statistical or neural machine translation software, in over 120 language combinations.
  • Audio and Video transcription, powered by SAIL LABS. Alongside news websites, blogs and social media, broadcast and Internet video can be ingested and processed by TrustServista.
  • Image Verification. Images contained in news articles can now be verified and found in all online postings, including in altered versions.
  • Large-scale Data Intake. News websites, forums, blogs and even public Facebook pages can be plugged into TrustServista to provide data access at a global scale, virtually allowing for search and verification of content at an Internet-scale.

What to expect next

In the next month we will be rolling out several TrustServista features part of the 2.0 version product release:

  • New API endpoints, reflecting our current text analytics capabilities.
  • Facebook trending statistics, allowing each article’s Facebook engagements to be monitored in real-time.
  • More article-related dashboards, for better contextual visualization of stories.
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