TrustServista Web Dashboard

The TrustServista Web Dashboard is designed for media professionals and analysts, providing in-depth online news analytics and content verification on more than 60,000 news articles, daily.

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Key Capabilities

  • Multilingual Search in over 300,000 articles monthly.
  • Geo-enabled search with publisher website and content mentioned locations.
  • Automated translation of non-English content.
  • Multiple data profiles, for geographical and topic-based analysis.
  • Topic clustering for automatic story detection.
  • Graph story visualization and statistics.
  • Advanced analysis and verification of any webpage.
  • Trustworthiness scoring for online news stories: context analysis, clickbait probability, publisher analysis.
  • Automatic content categorization, summarization, sentiment analysis, entity extraction.
  • Article Graph visualization: determining the referenced, linked and related content.
  • Patient Zero: finding the origin of any news story, automatically and with precision.