New TrustServista “Patient Zero” algorithm released. Success rate now at 86%

One of the key concepts for automated news verification introduced by TrustServista, Patient Zero (P0), has been redesigned to better match content that uses multiple sources of information. The new version of the Patient Zero algorithm, available through the API, can reach a success rate of up to 86%, from a previous 33%.

The benchmark for the new P0 algorithm was performed on the same dataset used for the TrustServista News Verification Report, published in August 2017. The previous algorithm managed to find an ideal Patient Zero for 33% of the analyzed articles, but was unable to determine the P0 for content that used multiple sources of information. The solution for these scenarios was the introduction of Patient Zero candidates. 

What are P0 candidates?

For cases where an ideal Patient Zero cannot be found, the new algorithm will provide a list of Patient Zero candidates that do not match the recommended semantic similarity and links to the analyzed article, but are still relevant for parts of the content.

This way, even is an ideal P0 could not be determined, the information source(s) are still found even if the the content is not as “close” to the analyzed article as the ideal P0 would be.

The result of this algorithm upgrade is that a Patient Zero or P0 candidates can be determined for up to 86% of the analyzed articles. The rest of the 14% of case where P0 and candidates were not found represent Patient Zero articles themselves.


Article with an ideal P0 found 

P0 API response:

{"patientZeroId":"dd30308a6bbb85b5e6683dd394a0f2a3","patientZeroUrl":"","id":"e00978a969f318931508502eab92a716","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-23 14:30:55","title":"BREAKING: 8 Dead, 20 Critical, 8 Less Critical Found In Tractor-Trailer In San Antonio Walmart","source":"",
"timeline": [...]}

Article with P0 candidates

P0 API response:

{"patientZeroId":"","patientZeroUrl":"","id":"5f727c69d214672812fbca56c3857c2f","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-24 15:51:15","title":"JUST IN: Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s IT Aide RAIDED By FBI… Here’s What They Found","source":"","timeline":[],
{"id":"72c898fd357b37ecc55df0f0ad12dc58","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-24 06:46:48","title":"BUSTED: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home","source":"","distance":0.09625868918917602},
{"id":"1668db087f5459825f68421d553f87bb","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-24 07:03:06","title":"Media Won’t Say it.. YET, But Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in Deep DooDoo","source":"","distance":0.050649732390813496},
{"id":"68dd39fa7d0f4fa3fe6922e632ea71c4","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-24 12:45:29","title":"FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home","source":"","distance":0.08564489446529122}]}

Article that is P0

P0 API response:

{"patientZeroId":"","patientZeroUrl":"","id":"64031a80670d4d7b78dca87f2816e549","url":"","publishDate":"2017-07-23 22:38:54","title":"VIRAL VIDEO: MAN PLACING TRUMP STICKER OVER ‘NOT MY PRESIDENT’ STICKER","source":""}

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