Analysis: Did Jeremy Corbyn refuse to condemn the IRA?

The leader of UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has been recently accused of links to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) with The Telegraph stating that he has been arrested in the past at IRA-linked protests and that he refused to publicly condemn Irish terrorist organization.

An analysis of the story using TrustServista shows that The Telegraph has published a number of articles on this topic since 14 May, leading up to the current story that emerged from a Sky News interview with Corbyn:

Jeremy Corbyn claimed Nato was a ‘danger to world peace’ and was arrested at an IRA-linked protest. TrustServista analysis here: The has a TrustLevel of 50%.

This article is then referenced by another The Telegraph article published on May 19: Exclusive: MI5 opened file on Jeremy Corbyn amid concerns over his IRA links. The automatic analysis using TrustServista reveals a TrustLevel of 60%. The information from this article uses an anonymous source: “a source close to the investigation confirmed that a file had been opened on him by the early Nineties”.

In turn, this article is again referenced by yet another The Telegraph article published on the 21st of May: Growing row over Jeremy Corbyn’s links to the IRA as he refuses five times to condemn the militant group. This article has a TrustLevel of 55% and its full automated analysis is available here.

Other news outlets such as Sky News and The Daily Mail republish the story from the Telegraph:


On a different view on the topic, The Independent publishes “Tory effort to link Corbyn to IRA ‘shows they are on the rack’, Labour’s Angela Rayner says. The same approach comes from New Statesman or The Canary.

One of the few publications that have a fairly neutral stance on the issue is BBC: “General election 2017: Corbyn pressed over IRA comments “. See the TrustServista analysis of this article here.

Here is a link to the Sky News interview:

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