TrustServista story visualization: Rock icon Tom Petty dies at 66

The American rock icon who made music history together with The Hearbreakers, Tom Petty, passed away on October 2nd after found unconscious at his home in Malibu, California. The beloved rock star’s death was mentioned by most US and international news agencies, newspapers and blogs.

TrustServista automatically analyzed the story in order to reveal hidden insights using its unique Story Navigation dashboard.

From the moment of when the first information regarding Tom Petty’s hospitalization was published (TMZ, published at 10 pm on Oct 2nd, now updated) the news about the artist’s death has made headlines across the most popular US magazines and news outlets, TrustServista automatically identifying dozens of articles written just hours after his death:

As seen in the TrustServista Story Navigator,  this story was built using key information published by a couple of media organizations. The origin of the information is TMZ (marked with B in the image below), who is referenced by at least a dozen publications, either directly through hyperlinks (blue solid arrows) or reference (green dotted arrows).

The 2nd publication to break the news (citing TMZ while the article was still updating) is Rolling Stone magazine (marked A in the image below), who is used as an information source by a couple of other publications.

CBS News (marked J) is also used as an information source by a large number of news websites.

For the CBS News article, TrustServista was able to determine that the origin of information (“Patient Zero”) is the TMZ article Tom Petty Found Unconscious in Full Cardiac Arrest (UPDATE).



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