Knowing your way around the TrustServista color coding

The TrustServista user interface is full of color and cheer, but what does it all mean?

The  Story Navigator and Article Graph cards display articles as nodes that have different colors and connected by arrows of different types and colors, in order to visualy represent a story or to track back the information to Patient Zero. The article linking mechanism and the color codes used for the arrows is described here: TrustServista: Introducing the Enhanced Semantic Linking feature.

The color codes user for displaying articles in the Story Navigator and Article Graph are:

Violet color range for website articles. Light violet represents older articles and dark violet newer articles.

Blue for Twitter statuses.

Green for the article currently analyzed in the Article Graph.

Red for Patient Zero, in the Article Graph (if the P0 was found beyond the 3rd level in the Article Graph, it will not be shown).

The path between the current article and P0 has a subtle shadow.

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