Großartige Nachrichten! TrustServista now speaks German!

Yes, TrustServista now speaks German. As part of our road-map dedicated to offering an intelligent and innovative tool to newsrooms worldwide, we have now focused on the DACH (Deutschland – Austria – Switzerland) region with a TrustServista service that analyzes and verifies German-language news.


Emil Ștețco, Zetta Cloud CEO:

“The new TrustServista German is set out to become a valuable verification tool for the upcoming German Federal and Austrian Legislative elections. The phenomena of fake news, misinformation or bias coverage of events is getting a lot of traction during elections, as seen in the US and France presidential elections, when candidates and parties were subjected to an avalanche of fake news perpetrated by anonymous and politically biased websites. TrustServista, with its unique capabilities for tracking down the origin of information and determining its trustworthiness in real-time, can stop the proliferation of misinformation as it happens, with immediate results.”

You can request a demo of TrustServista German by sending an email to



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