For Developers: The TrustServista API is now available!

Since our official launch of TrustServista version 1.0 in June 2017, we have received increasing requests for integrating our unique functionality into 3rd party platforms, such as broadcast management tools, news and production workflow tools, OSINT and analytics platforms and content management solutions.

With this announcement Zetta Cloud officially launches the TrustServista REST API, an advanced news analytics and verification solution that caters to software developers that wish to process large volumes of online news content or integrate the TrustServista capabilities into 3rd party platforms.

TrustServista API includes includes various endpoints that provide deep semantic processing on online news content, such as:

  • extraction of useful content from web pages and automatic summary generation
  • generation of TrustLevel and Patient Zero metrics for trustworthiness purposes
  • advanced link analysis and semantic comparison for websites and raw text

You can find the full list of currently available and future endpoints here:

The TrustServista API has multilanguage support and – except of the default English language – can process content in languages such as German, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian (different language availability depending on the API endpoint).

Software developers can try out the TrustServista API for free within a 1,000 API requests limit, by submitting a request here.


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