How to get thousands of Facebook likes & shares even if you publish fake news

How do you get thousands of people to read and distribute your fake news article online in less than 10 hours? You post it on Facebook, of course.

TrustServista is currently processing close to 1000 American websites that are considered political partisan or with low trustworthiness. Our unique algorithms for detecting the trustworthiness and origin of online news allow for an almost real-time analysis of any webpage without any human intervention of effort.

One interesting article that we noticed starting trending today was from a website called Titled FOX NEWS: WIKILEAKS JUST PROVED HILLARY DISCLOSED CLASSIFIED SECRETS To FOREIGN LEADERS FOR CASH [VIDEO] the article references an old video from Fox News and a webpage from 2016 that does not exist anymore ( in order to re-energize the Clinton email leak scandal.

This article gained close to 5000 Facebook likes & shares in just 10 hours after it was posted. Including 400 shares, meaning the Facebook’s algorithms promising to stop fake news propagation are not working properly (or at all).

An automated analysis by TrustServista reveals the trustworthiness of this website:

  • A low TrustLevel score of 30%
  • 100% chance of being clickbait
  • A reference to an Associated Press article hidden in the footnote, to gain credibility


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