Basis Tech collaboration with TrustServista gets US media attention

Over 130 newspapers and broadcast media institutions from the US have written on the collaboration between Basis Technology and Zetta Cloud, who is using Basis’ Rosette API text analytics engine to power the TrustServista news intelligence tool.

Among the publishers that picked up the story were:

The full press release below:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Basis Technology, the leader in AI for human language, announced today that Romanian startup Zetta Cloud selected Basis Technology’s Rosette® text analytics to power their application TrustServista, bringing trust to the online news community.

Professional journalists vet their sources to ensure they’re sharing accurate and unbiased information. However, erroneous news creates an online “epidemic,” and no person can track every source to its origin.

The Zetta Cloud team, led by CEO Emil Stetco, CSO George Bara, and CCO Sebastian Ionita, is tuning a proprietary “trust algorithm” that calculates trustworthiness scores in real-time for online articles. These scores empower readers to decide whether to trust an article.

Rosette text analytics plays an integral role in this trust scoring process. Zetta Cloud uses Rosette’s multilingual entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and text embedding to create profiles of reputable and not-so-reputable news—tracing references across languages.

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