TrustServista partners with RapidAPI for easy adoption of its Text and News Analytics API

The TrustServista Text Analysis and News Analytics API packages are now available on RapidAPI, the world’s largest API marketplace where over half a million developers find and connect to thousands of public APIs.

RapidAPI allows developers to build apps faster by integrating over 8,000 APIs into its marketplace, allowing the management of API integrations from one place with real-time performance metrics.

All TrustServista API endpoints are now available on RapidAPI for free trial and paid subscription packages.

TrustServista News Analytics API offers the following endpoints:

  • GRAPH: Return an article’s relationships to other articles.
  • SIMILAR: Generate an article-centered story for a given time interval.
  • SEARCH: Historical search in our news database.
  • STATISTICS: Relevant statistics for any website processed by TrustServista.
  • CONTENT QUALITY: Generate the content quality score for an URL or raw text.
  • PATIENT ZERO: Determine the original source of information for a URL or raw text: Patient Zero.

TrustServista Text Analysis API offers the following endpoints:

  • TEXT: Extract clean text from an URL or raw HTML.
  • SUMMARY: Automatically generate a summary for an URL or raw text.
  • ENTITIES: Extract named entities from an URL or raw text.
  • COMPARE: Calculate the semantic similarity between two URLs or pieces of raw text.
  • SENTIMENT: Extract the sentiment from an URL or raw text.
  • CLASSIFICATION: Classify the content from an URL or raw text using IAB and IPTC taxonomies.
  • LANGUAGE: Detect the language of a given URL or raw text.
  • VECTOR: Vectorization of a given URL or raw text.
  • METADATA: Verification and metadata extraction for an URL or raw text.


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