New API endpoints release: language detection, Facebook trending and vectorization

As part of the TrustServista version 2.0 release, three new API endpoints have been made available on the TrustServista API platform: language detection, Facebook trending statistics and content vectorization. With this release, there are now a total of 17 Content Verification, Text Analytics and News Analytics API endpoints.

All the TrustServista API endpoints can be tested for free by requesting an API key and using the Swagger interactive documentation, with no coding required.

Language Detection

The Language  API endpoint can automatically identify the language of a piece of text or a URL. It supports over 70 languages. Read more.

Facebook Trending

The Trending API endpoint will return a list of the most trending articles on Facebook for a given time period (past month, past week, past 3 days) . Read more.


The Vector API endpoint will return a vector of floating point numbers corresponding to the content. The vector can be used to calculate similarity between two contents. Read more.

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