Multi-tenant TrustServista SaaS: Introducing user Profiles

Our latest product upgrade involved a significant change to the way we deal with user accounts, their settings and their data. The standard TrustServista SaaS instance now has a true multi-tenant architecture, with every user having a Profile that logically separates its settings and data.

user profile is defined by the following characteristics:

  • DATA – A user can now choose what data should be collected and processed by TrustServista: a set of news RSS feeds of interest, certain forums and blogs, information from Public Facebook pages and even the customer’s own data. The typical scenarios for defining a user’s data preferences are:
    • Focus on certain topics, regions, countries, rather than all the data TrustServista collects.
    • Collecting data from forums and blogs based on specific keyword searches.
    • Adding the user’s private data, that will not be available to any other user.
  • SETTINGS – A user can have a specific set of settings for its account:
    • Access to Automated Translation engines, allowing the collection and processing of foreign language content.
    • Access to different TrustServista components, such as the Web Dashboard, API or Chrome Extension.
    • Data processing plugins, such as Broadcast and Internet Video transcription or image verification services.

The new TrustServista profile-based multi-tenant architecture allows not just a better customer data isolation and personalized data input, but it will also allow the further development of customer-centric components, such as customized UI widgets and reports, email and SMS alerting modules and building custom data connectors.

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