Case Studies: Fake News and where to find them

With its new clickbait and enhanced semantic linking algorithms, TrustServista is able to detect fake news as it is being published. Even more, it is able to find where it originates, websites that publish fake stories almost simultaneously and connect the dots in uncovering fake news networks.

Two recent examples expose the same website network that reuse content from one another and publish fake news at the same time:

JUST IN: Muslim Congresswoman Caught In SICK Crime. Should She Go To Prison?

This news revolves around the information that America’s soon-to-be first female Muslim legislator, Ilhan Omar, married her own brother in an illegal scheme to obtain US citizenship. The information originated on the World Net Daily website in August 2016.

Almost 1 year later, on July 20th 2017, repurposes the article almost at the same time as, then a couple of hours apart by other political partisan blogs (,,, and even The content of the articles is almost identical, as determined automatically by TrustServista’s algorithms.

The TrustLevel assigned to these articles range between 25 and 35%, with clickbait scores above 50%.

These articles have gathered almost 35,000 Facebook interactions until the time this post has been published.

Immigrant Takes Crap In The Street, Angry Pennsylvanians Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Originating from, the information about a Pennsylvanian local community being outraged about Romanian gypsies “crapping in the street” is copied word-by-word almost instantaneously by, then, and The information is not backed by any legitimate source or statement, instead is being “proofed” by a picture that has the following explanation below: Image for the purpose of visual representation only 

Although only one website references the original article as the source, the links between these posts had been established by TrustServista based on their close-to-100% semantic similarity.

The TrustLevel score automatically assigned by TrustServista to these articles range between 20% and 30%, with a click bait score above 50%:

These articles gathered 19,000 Facebook likes & shares so far.

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