TrustServista 1.0 is now commercially available

Cluj-Napoca, 20 June 2017: Zetta Cloud (, a technology company specialized in artificial intelligence solutions and services, announces the commercial availability of TrustServista version 1.o (

TrustServista is a unique software platform that can determine the origin and trustworthiness of online news and it is designed for media professionals, intelligence analysts and 3rd party content distribution platforms. TrustServista was launched earlier this year as a software prototype after it received funding from Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) and has since been in beta version. The version 1.0 release marks the end of the beta software development and market feedback stage.

“Our vision of developing a software tool that can automate online news verification has come to fruition with this TrustServista version 1.0 release. More than 2 years ago, before the fake news phenomenon caught media attention during the US presidential elections, Zetta Cloud was experimenting with a new approach to determine the trustworthiness of online content, relying solely on natural language processing algorithms.

With the funding granted by Google DNI we managed to create the first version of TrustServista that proved such an approach is possible. Now, more than 5 month after the beta release and countless hours of further research and development, we are proud to announce that TrustServista is a market-ready solution that can be used by industry specialists to detect and analyze untrusted information. With our unique Patient Zero approach and clickbait probability score, we are setting a new standard when it comes to fighting fake news and we are confident that our innovation efforts will be well-received by the industry”, said Emil Ștețco, Zetta Cloud CEO and founder and the TrustServista product manager.

What is TrustServista?

TrustServista helps media professionals to determine the trustworthiness of online news content in real-time, in a fully automated way, by leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Commercial Availability

TrustServista is available in Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model that caters to journalist, media organizations and technology partners. See our subscription plans here:

TrustServista is also available for free 30-day trials.


You can email us at or use the registration form.



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