TrustServista is ending its BETA stage and moving in production soon!

We’re proud to announce that the BETA stage will end soon and …

TrustServista will be officially launched in June 2017!

Ever since we launched the beta version of TrustServista in February 2017 we were keen in understanding how an automated approach to determining the trustworthiness of online news can impact the media industry.

We have been talking and receiving feedback from over 100 beta users, from journalists, researchers, education & tech professionals and artificial experts, and we would like to say Thank You to our formidable beta user community for helping us better understand the industry’s needs and allowing us to improve our unique software solution!

We are now ready to officially launch TrustServista version 1.0, our second major product breakthrough that will make the product available for purchase and production use.

Where we are.

We are now making preparations for the imminent version 1.0 release and focusing on stabilizing the features we have been working on since the beta release in February:

  • Continuously ingesting more sources using RSS feeds.
  • Improving our algorithms for extracting content and meta-data from web pages.
  • Adding the capability to analyze any URL.
  • Experimenting with our data sets in order to improve the TrustLevel.
  • Enhancing the algorithm for article relationships with a semantic similarity component.
  • A REST API for easy integration into 3rd party software platforms.
  • A Case Studies section on our website showcasing how TrustServista is used to determine the trustworthiness of online stories.

What’s next.

First of all, TrustServista will still be available for evaluation and testing, but only for a limited 30 day period. Further more, you should expect the following after the launch:

  • Introducing subscription plans that cater to both business and educational organizations.
  • Continuous development for our TrustLevel metric using machine learning and advanced natural language processing.
  • Introducing support for non-English content as part of the effort to make TrustServista language- agnostic.
  • Enhancements to the API for text analytics- related features.
  • Gradual introduction of social media content and viralization metrics for web articles.
  • Ongoing User Interface improvements: search capabilities, more dashboards and collaboration features.

The expected date for the official version 1.0 release is June 20 2017.